Monday 29 August 2022

Banner design changes for Google Play Store's approval of the Shushmoji app

Written for designers and marketers submitting edgy banners for approval with Google Play Store apps

In submitting the Shushmoji app to the Google Play store, several changes were required to the app's promotional banners before Google Play approved the app. The changes that Create With Cape Town made may be of interest to other designers preparing edgy campaigns, given Google Play Store's somewhat opaque feedback- the store simply flags which designs are rejected, but does not specify exactly which elements must change. 

Below is a Slideshare presentation featuring the varying banner iterations - see if you can spot the differences? The answers follow below...


Adding an age-restriction to all banners (slides 8 to 14)

The first major change was adding a 13+ graphic in the bottom right of the presentation to comply with the policy that ‘app’s marketing imagery and text must make it clear that the app is only for young people aged 13 or older’. Subsequently, the Google Play Store calculated this rating for each country based on its app questionnaire. It decided on to a revised age restriction of 12+, so this banner is not inaccurate but will be updated with the next app version's submission.

Changing banner 3 (contrast slide 5 vs 17 & 18)
"Mother Grundy Google” does not like zap signs or mentions of 'ass', let alone 'a**'! The latter are a particular problem when Create With Cape Town wants to promote a 'silly ass' emoji sticker set. 

Shushmoji banner app - end conversations with dumb asses v1

So, the banner's title was changed to 'End conversations with silly donkeys'. The WhatsApp screen graphics were also changed-  the 'silly ass' part of 'Hey, silly ass' sticker set was blurred to make it obvious that the banner title is "censored". Lastly, in the left’s WhatsApp exchange ’the same species as you’ was changed to simply ‘humanity’. Out of an excess of caution, End it! was changed to End the chat! We did not want our AI Google overlord's algorithm to misinterpret 'End it!' as telling someone to end their life.

Shushmoji banner app - end conversations with dumb asses version 2

Changing banner 4 (contrast slide 4 vs 21)

Surprisingly, this Stop, silly troll! set's banner was not initially flagged in the review process, despite it also featuring a zap sign. 

Shushmoji banner app - end conversations with trolls version 1

That risqué 'ass hole’ Shushmoji in the bottom right was also removed.

Shushmoji banner app - end conversations with trolls version 2

All the changes above proved sufficient to meet the Google Play Store's approval of the Shushmoji app.

If you experienced similar challenges with your app's submission, kindly let us know in the comments below, cheers 👍!

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