Sunday 14 March 2010

Bishops' (Diocesan College) first online exhibition of old boy visual art and design

The first online exhibition of old boys' (Old Diocesan) work was held as part of Bishop's Founder's Day celebrations on the 12th of March. The exhibit used 20 computer screens to feature:

OD Union Visual Creatives

OD Union Visual Creative Groups

OD Union Visual Creatives - Google Groups

OD Union Visual Creatives on Facebook

Other Stimulating Sites

Special thanks to Justin for providing FoxP2's latest posters; these greatly enhanced the computer lab's look :).

Judging from the online exhibition's positive feedback from staff and students, there's scope to make it bigger and better next year. Peter's also working with Bishops IT to improve the Visual Arts section on Bishops' website: hopefully, you can read about the OD See on it, in the near future.

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Abundance Culture and Generation C(ontent)

I spoke to Bishops' staff this morning on the issues and opportunities posed by "abundance culture" and "generation C(ontent)" in education.

My presentation inspired interesting questions and comments on the impact of  an abundant digital media culture, particularly: can one protect the rights of those written about, the importance of addressing low emotional intelligence and how the freemium business model works.

Staff have been asked to complete a questionnaire on Abundance Culture's challenges and opportunities. I will compile their feedback into a research report for the school, as part of PhD research.

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