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    Although I am available to talk on any subject featured in my blog, I particularly enjoy presenting on youth, their creative personas and digital productions.

    My favourite talks have addressed:
    • South African students’ informal experiences with Connected Learning;
    • Capetonian visual arts students explorations in participatory culture; 
    • Mobile workarounds in young people’s visual self-presentation strategies,
    • Multimodal education for inequality: exploring ‘distinction 2.0’ in visual arts students’ e-portfolio personas.
    Photograph from my talk at a UCT Centre for Film and Media Studies Postgraduate Seminar. Taken by Norita Mdege, 2016.

    I have also given workshops. My favourite focus on:
    • Grow your profile on Twitter. From zero (followers) to hero?
    • Get started with curating your digital portfolio.
    • Visually creative? Tips on producing your showcase online portfolio.
    • Develop your own folksonomy with social bookmarking.
    Please contact me to book a talk or workshop.

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