Monday 30 April 2012

Avoid NVivo 9 installation interference from antivirus software.

Written for those struggling to install the embedded SQL software in an NVivo 9 installation.

The ICT Access and Use project recently purchased a PC laptop to work with a NVivo 9 project file I'd previously run on my Mac Pro desktop (running Parallels and Windows 7). I thought the installation of NVivo 9 would be simple on a laptop configured to operate within the University of Cape Town campus' network. However, there are three important actions that must be taken to avoid seeing this error message during your installation:

NVivo 9 installer "File is corrupt." error message. 29 April 2012. 
First, read the NVivo 9 software installation tips FAQ, which clearly states: "You should disable Antivirus, Antispam and Firewall applications (such as Norton Internet Security) before installing NVivo 9". I now know that an NVivo installation is not so simple and doing some preparation with background reading would have saved me much time and travel troubleshooting!

Second, un-install your Antivirus softwares: on our laptop, McAfee Anti-Virus was blocking changes to system files, which SQL was attempting to make as part of creating a virtual server to run SQL's databases locally. Once McAfee and NVivo were uninstalled, the fresh installation of NVivo installed Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R service pack 64 successfully.

Third, after successfully installation, reinstall your anti-virus software. In the case of a UCT laptop, the McAfee agent remained on the laptop after un-installation, and I contacted ICTS for instructions on how to reinstall the Antivirus software.

While you can successfully install NVivo without completing the SQL installation, you will not be able to run your project files locally. NVivo's open file function will ask you to connect to an NVivo server or will show the following error message when you try to launch NVivo from a local project file:

NVivo 9 standalone local connection error message. 29 April 2012.

Special thanks to Ferdi (from Fimex - Softec) for identifying that anti-virus software was causing this problem and to Michael Harris (UCT ICTS Acquisitions Department) for fixing it.

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