Friday 12 June 2009

Hyperlinks from Jeff Howe's Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing: how the power of the crowd is driving the future of business by Jeff Howe (contributing editor to Wired) gives an illuminating view of ways the internet is being used to create new businesses and initiatives using the resource of a crowd.

I enjoyed learning about the innovative businesses and decided to list and link them this playful index:

#2 Where fans and groupies fund the next Beatles, Beach Boys or... Bros (oh dear).

#3 Where amateurs show the Spineless Aliterate Braindead Cowards (SABC) how it's done PLUS no license fee... and

#4 Star Trek's Data's cat Spot is on Wikipedia... and I'm not.

#5 Clark Kent just left the Daily Planet to wear spandex undies full-time.

#6 Where Floridians blow the whistle on crime ('Not needed in Cape Town; it's only a perception problem', or so Mr Thabo told me...)
Florida Today's WATCHDOG page

#8 Tag, share, care.
digg, reddit and stumbleupon

#9 Sorry, Mr Getty, but this time I'm buying good stock photos that won't bankrupt my clients.

#10 With rewards ranging from $ 5,000 to $1,000,000, best you unleash your troubleshooting genius here...
#11 Be a stalkerazzi and earn extra cash at your next Caprice visit. Smile, Leo!

#12 Fund your own movie. Just, please no more dogme productions, OK?

#13 Learn cool tips from computer graphics pros. Weird Science here I come...
CGsociety and

#14 It's a return call from ET... are you home?

#15 Better to invest here, than MTP {Madoff, Tennenbaum and Ponzi}.

#16 Not funny. Lifting entrepreneurs out of poverty, one donor at a time. Respect.

#17 If you buy a football club for just £35 a pop, do you get what you pay for?

#18 Copy code, tweak it and win more attention than my gold-plated-pocket-protector and tooth-grill.

#19 For the birds... tracking Tweetie (not Sylvester) in a web 2.0 stylee.

#16 Live to eat?

#17 You don't have to cameo in a Revenge of the Nerds prequel to view a course in Computational Quantum Mechanics of Molecular and Extended Systems, here.
MIT OpenCourseWare

#18 Let Dell know how it should improve its products and services. Get bought out by Apple?
DELL ideastorm

#19 Local community info; if you happen to be a mom and in Cincinatti...
Cincy Moms Like Me

#20 Before you say that the Democratic Alliance will "rule the Western Cape until Jesus returns", check the prediction market that beats the pundits.
Iowa Electronic Markets

#21 Better to invest here than with M.T.P. {Madoff, Tennenbaum and Ponzi}!

#22 See how Intel plans for future hardware based on the cool software it must support.
Intel's COOLSW

#23 Create your own community-driven website.

#24 Need help crowdsourcing?

Cambrian House

#1 Last, but not least...

So, was this list useful to you?

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Principles behind Bishops’ digital communities

I've just created a slide showing the (draft) principles that must inform the future development process of Bishops’ digital communities.

This follows yesterday's discussions, which highlighted the need for Fred and I to clarify the framework in which World Wide Creative, Steve Vosloo and I would help the school.

Hopefully, the slide does the job. Fred and Steve, what do you think (: ?

Monday 8 June 2009

Updated presentation for Bishops on "Opportunities for teachers and pupils using web 2.0"

Tomorrow, Fred Roed and I present to Bishop's headmaster, Mr Grant Nupen, and vice-principal, Mr Mike King. Fred's talking on "Building the BIshops Community with Social Media", while I focus on "Opportunities for Teachers and Pupils using Social Media (web 2.0)".

I have updated it to feature US president Barack Obama's insights. He recently said: "….it's not enough for our children and students to master today's technologies, social networking and e-mailing and texting and blogging, we need them to pioneer the technologies that will allow us to work effectively through these new media and allow us to prosper in the future." So, Bishops doesn't have to take just Fred and my words for the importance of digital literacy :) !

President Obama also pointed out: "But we need to remember, we're only at the beginning. The epics of history are long. The cultural revolution, the industrial revolution. By comparison our information age is still in its infancy: we're only at Web 2.0." Based on anecdotal evidence, I guess that most South African schools are at web 1.0, or less!

Our first meeting with Bishops staff was a success; teachers agreed that social media have an important role in education and community. However, concerns were raised about the speed (and costs) of Bishops defining and implementing a web 2.0 strategy {and the importance of overcoming passive resistance}.

I am convinced that by; (1) embracing open education, (2) defining a clear, consultative strategy and (3) focussing on the low-hanging fruit, Bishops can become a South African school that pioneers digital education {it already provides its entire curricula to pupils on an intranet}! 

Hopefully, Bishop's example will be a case-study for other schools to follow... with a little help from Fred and I :) !

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