Friday 16 July 2010

Let me bore you (AKA early 2008 Apple Macbook Pro Airport problem fixed)

Written strictly for fellow and sister "early 2008 Apple Macbook Pro Airport problem" sufferers.

My blog is still not changing its name to "Cr-Apple", despite this being the fourth post about a certain 'Macbook Pro early 2008 airport problem' that would not go away. If this problem was an embarrassing relative, he'd be the type to pass-out drunk at your Christmas party, then ask to be your house guest until Easter. Too polite, you accept, only to realize the depths of your error; awoken at 2H00 for quite possibly the tenth Sunday in a row by his porcelain-god-chunking. Only, in my laptop's case, it's like needing to restart ten times before you are internet-connected, and then only for a few minutes. In with anger, out with "AAUGH!" :( , and repeat... ad nauseum.

After considering the lower costs, but lengthy time and cognitive capital load required to switch to a new OS and hardware; I've decided to keep my Apple network going and eventually add a Google one (once a decently spec'd OS Chrome netbook is out). That's another problem with buying Macs; once you're in, it's hard to switch back. It's like Apple has a global monopoly on two-ply toilet paper. While one's head might object to the monopoly, in one's heart it's so hard to go back to a one-ply, itsy-bitsy computer experience, no matter how bad Apple's support of you (the South African customer) is AND an "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Apple-switched Mind" not being an option...

Having decided to stick with Apple and organize a fix of this technical/software/demonic problem whatever it takes, I googled whether any Apple customers have experienced the same technical problem.'s final post showed the most promising suggestion, which boiled down to; "replace the LIO/Audio Board with Insulatior". agreed that this could work, so it was off to Paarden Eiland for more repairs this morning. Two replaced boards later and my airport network is now stable. I hope to be again soon, too ;). I'm sure we're all really looking forward to my Isabel Jones (RIP) stint on Apple ending. Cheers to this being the last post on the topic for 2010!

P.S. My "plan B" is to order an Mvix Nubbin 802.11 N USB Adapter, which actually has OS X 10.6 drivers (unlike most others). I'm hoping this won't be necessary, since (Cr)Apple (SA) has "got my back". No pun intended. NOT!

Tuesday 6 July 2010

What to do with a good Apple gone bad in Cape Town…

For any Capetonian Apple Mac user who has ever been told to "replace a processor".

If you ever hear the dread words from your local Apple resellers' technician;  "Sorry, you need to replace your processor", you may be forgiven for translating this as "Holy Smokes, Batman. Another three months in the salt mines to pay for an Apple stuff-up? DOH! Why am I doing this to myself. I should have bought a PC like that tightwad friend warned me to!"

To help you defeat that negative voice, know that being told "you must  replace your broken processor" may (especially in Cape Town) mean:
  •     "I could try to fix this, but if I broke something, my crummy boss would take the repair costs out of my salary."
  •     "I've got too much work already. Why don't you just buy a new laptop and save me some time, alright?"
  •     "I really don't have a clue how to fix this and my boss wants us to boost sales. Let's create a win-win situation; only, you don't!"
  •     "Sending this off to Apple (Europe) and back is so expensive. It's not even guaranteed to fix your problem. Buy new and we'll get it right, first time."
So, do not let the veiled command; "... replace ... processor" fool you into hurling your bad Apple onto the heap. Rather, get a second opinion (i.e. call Denis at on 021 510 5517) and hope the technician's words prove false and your bad Apple goes good!

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