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  • Monday, 5 January 2009

    Getting the most value from your capped bandwidth at month-end

    Written for internet-connected, capped-bandwidth-using, (South) Africans.

    As bandwidth is relatively expensive in South Africa, here are 2 suggestions to get the most value from a capped-account at month-end:

    1 Use all your bandwidth in time!
    Like most of you, my ISP also does not rollover unused bandwidth at month-end. So, to avoid forgetting to use it all, simply create a recurring calendar event for each month-end titled: "Check bandwidth availability".

    If you've got a fair amount available, then run all your software updates. Once your software's up-to-date, here are other suggestions:
    - Download free (or trial) software
    - Do internet research
    - Freshen up your desktop with new wallpaper and screensavers
    - Download podcasts from TED and interesting content from iTunes University
    - Update your blog, website, etc. with imagery and audio
    - Catch up on YouTube or Zoopy!

    2 FTP
    For some reason, my ISP does not cut-off FTP downloads once they've begun (even if I've exceeded my allocated bandwidth for the month). So, I like to setup FTP downloads and run them just before month-end. If they are stalled, I simply pause the download and restart them after several minutes. This has worked well for me in the past; I hope it works well for you, too!

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