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  • Monday, 25 April 2011

    Key actions in implementing online portfolios as e-portfolios in OLPC schools

    Written for educators and key decision makers interested in the curricular adoption of online portfolios for e-portfolio creation in Visual Arts and/or Design at one laptop per child (OLPC) schools.

    The Department of Education's Western Cape Education Department's Visual Arts and Design (WCEDVAD) curricular advisers, Leon Buchner and John Cowan, are currently developing their department's new website; I am assisting them by writing content for its new "online tools" section. 

    Those interested in the curricular adoption of online portfolios as e-portfolios in an OLPC environment can view this Google Docs webpage which lists the key actions an educator should take to prepare and implement related curricula: this is the first draft of the document, whose actions were proposed to address challenges experienced during a 2010 adoption of Carbonmade in a private school.These actions will be updated on a needs basis by curricular advisers and select Cape Town educators. Ultimately, these actions will be listed under the WCEDVAD's new site; in its "online tools" section under an "e-portfolio" sub-category...

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