Design Steward

As a design leader, I'm focused on three portfolio projects for

1. The Shushmoji ® app (for Android) and its emoji sticker designs and examples;
2. Digital products for its Shopify store;

Shushmoji banner advert

3. (in BETA) and its app.

As a volunteer executive director at The Noakes Foundation, I provide strategic direction for its brand.

I've worked as a full-time designer (1997-99), multimedia manager (2000-05) and brand manager (2006-8) where I led BODY iQ's national re-branding into Virgin Life Care, now I did UCT's inaugural design thinking course in 2016 and my PhD thesis at the Centre for Film and Media Studies described how students' visual arts e-portfolios reflected cultural repertoires linked to both their circumstances and capabilities. My Postdoctoral research fellowship at the CPUT defined the emergent challenge of online academic bullying, with Shushmoji ® being one of many response strategies.

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