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Written for Visual Arts and Design teachers and students interested in creating and maintaining their own electronic learning portfolios.

Dear students and teachers,

Creating electronic learning portfolios (e-portfolios) with free online portfolio software can expose you to new learning opportunities whilst overcoming some of the problems and limits associated with traditional (analog) portfolio use. This page features content on:

1. Preparing for the new terms and processes you may encounter with online portfolio software.

2. How to create a comprehensive arts portfolio online via multiple presences.

3. How to digitize your art and designs for an online portfolio.

4. Guidelines to apply for your homepage and template choices.
5. Tips to name your online portfolio's folders and artworks.

6. Guidelines to apply for your online portfolio profile (or 'about') page

7. Advice on defining your online portfolio's keywords, checking its search engine results and improving them.

8. Online portfolio page design element questions to ask yourself for creating a better one.

Teachers, you may also learn from:

a. Introducing the portfolio genre to first-timers from under-resourced schools and homes

b. Artworks need creative titles: an important, but seldom taught, skill.

c. The optimal adoption of Web 2.0 services in seven stages.

d. Visual Art online portfolio requirements and selection criteria.

e. Five curricular changes to consider when teaching visual arts e-portfolios

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Best regards,

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