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  • Sunday, 1 February 2009


    Written for South Africa's unfortunate television watchers

    Like the music industry before it, the television industry is undergoing an end-consumer-focussed revolution. This is already happening in in the US through hulu.com, sling.com and Apple's iTunes Store.

    There, the television user benefits in particular from:

    1 Being able to pay for only the show(s) he or she wants, being able to download and view them when convenient,
    2 Having advance notice of the series one is interested in, plus convenient access to an extensive back catalogue to 'fill in any series gaps',
    3 Reduced (or no) advertising interrupting programming.

    South Africans can only dream of such a service being offered locally... sigh! Wouldn't it be great if a future broadcaster offered to:
    • Charge you only for what you (wanted to) watch,
    • Provide a service that fitted into your schedule {versus yours into its},
    • Notified you as soon as new episodes in a series you enjoyed watching are available,
    • Made back-series and old movies readily-available,
    • Informed you if any new channels feature content that you may like,
    • And (perhaps, most optimistically) delivered a no-advertising TV service for an extra fee!

    At present, I believe I'm overpaying for MNET's DSTV service. It simply does not offer good value to its pickier, low-volume users.

    It's my (naive?) hope that the new entrants into South Africa's TV-broadcasting industry design their products for end-customers like me... versus its traditional benefactors; meatball advertisers :)!

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