Friday 22 July 2011

Research Talks this September

I  look forward to doing two talks in September; the first at an Elearning update, the second at the Design Development and Research (DDR) Conference, both in Cape Town. The talks will be based on a paper I submitted; "The Multimodal Choices Visual Arts Students Made In Creating Their Online Portfolios". 

Its research abstract is: "There is a research gap in the multimodal choices that Secondary School Visual Arts students make when using online portfolio software. My research contributes to closing this gap by exploring the modes and modal combinations that three students used in their varied online portfolios. These students were chosen following a multimodal analysis of the year-end screengrabs from an entire grade ten class’ online portfolios. 

The educator’s syllabus instructed all students to create showcase Visual Arts electronic learning portfolios (e-portfolios). Despite following the same syllabus and using the same online portfolio software, there was great variety in students’ modal choices. These have been illustrated by showing how the divergent interests of three students were reflected in choices that had different resonances with professional, school and teenage practices; as well as with online social networking practices. 

I argued that the students had created a “Visual Arts Showcase Drawing E-portfolio”, a “Visual Arts Showcase Mixed Media E-portfolio” and a “Teen Media Interest Showcase”, respectively. The paper’s findings suggest that educators and other decision makers should accommodate a variety of student interests when designing e-portfolio syllabi. As a result, it is recommended that these syllabi include a broad and flexible range of guidelines. These should accommodate students in choosing the particular mediums, subject-matters or themes that their personal interests favor."

I will also be on the DDR panel for; "Designs for Learning: South African Youth’s use of Online Portfolios, Micro-Blogging and ... Computer Games" with fellow researchers from the Digimob SA research group.

Thanks to Professor Johannes Cronje, Marian Pike and the other organisers at Cape Peninsula University of Technology's Department of Informatics and Design for opportunities share my research.

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