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An Adjunct Scholar at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Travis' research portfolio follows an interdisciplinary approach in blending principles of brand management and multimedia design with academic research into digital voice. His overarching research focus links digital voice at the micro level to capital relationships at higher levels. Such scholarship is unusual in having focused on under-resourced teenagers and Media Studies students from South Africa, and recently concerning dissident scientists. 

He writes about how they are using digital voice to: work around formal scientific suppression, or to negotiate online academic bullying from supporters of The Science™. Travis' focus on the value of dissent is vital in a period where international health authorities are funded by conflicted parties keen to shutdown legitimate criticism of failed COVID-19 guidelines as “disinformation”. In particular, “malinformation” had been redefined to include genuine information on genetic "vaccine" harms.

Travis' scholarship also addresses methodological concerns with analysing digital voice. For example, a recent paper addresses how the contrasting functionalities of Qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) packages can impact the analysis of live Twitter deliberations and conversations.

 View @travisnoakes for tweets on his research interests, or follow this blog.

++Academic Free Speech and Digital Voices (AFSDV)
Travis leads the Academic Fress Speech and Digital Voices research project. Its foci resonate with his: research profile's interests, past scholarship and contributions, and new avenues of inspiration.

++Shushmoji emoji sticker sets
Travis' company, Create With™ Cape Town, has launched the Shushmoji ® chat sticker app for WhatsApp on Android, and for Apple users. These stickers can be used as conversation enders, one of many possible strategies against cyber harassment. Travis also wrote its anti-chat harassment tactics booklet for antibullying educators and potential victims. 

His best outputs and completed research have led to these peer-reviewed research articlesconference papers and chapters. Where copyright permits, their manuscripts are shared from his Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive accounts.

Travis Noakes' scholarly publications are indexed by ORCIDWeb of ScienceSCOPUSSemantic ScholarKudos and Google Scholar. New publications are shared via two academic social networks; and ResearchGate. Public presentations can be viewed at Slideshare.

Travis is am a member of the South African Multimodality in Education research group (SAME, UCT). At CPUT, he is in the WhatsApp groups of Professor Johannes Cronje's Technology in Education Research Postgraduate Students group, plus the Design Research Activities Workgroup (DRAW). He is also a member of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), the Data Visualization Society, plus the South African Institute for Computer Scientists and Information Technologists (SAICSIT).

Travis does reviews for journals and conferences, and assists postgraduate students with improving their research project designs and academic writing style.

At the request of the South African National Research Foundation, Travis did a research rating appraisal that covered a scholar's application for a re-rating based on eight years (2014-2021) of his work.


xxOnline academic bullying (OAB)
As a Post-doctoral research fellow at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Travis explored how  academic cyberbullies used digital media for launching new forms of intellectual harassment. This supported the Online Academic Bullying theme. This became an AFSDV research project theme to address many related scholarship gaps.

xxMultimodal argument in data visualisation
Associate Professor Arlene Archer and Travis researched multimodal argument in data visualisation infographics based on fieldwork (2017-18) at the Centre for Film and Media Studies, UCT.

xxInequality in Digital Personas (2009-18)
Travis' PhD thesis is available on Open UCT. Its work was supported by South Africa’s National Research Fund, which provided funding as part of its ‘Procedural literacy, digital media and curriculum’ grant.

xxMedia, Conflict and Democratisation (2015-16)
Travis developed a coding index that was used by MeCoDEM's international team of researchers for coding interviews with social activists and journalists from Egypt, Kenya, Serbia and South Africa.

xxStudent ICT Access and Use (2011-13)
Travis prepared ICT Access and Use's first and second cycle coding schemas after transcribing many student interviews.

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